WordPress Website and WordPress Blog Design Create Awesome Results!

Sales. Simply put, it is what every single business needs to succeed. What is the force behind sales? Traffic. When it comes to turning traffic into sales within the online marketing world, we call this "conversion." A highly specialized mixture of creative design, direct calls-to-action, page load speed, and usability are vital components required by highly converting websites and blogs. The most important aspect of all these factors is that they get traffic. Yes, Traffic! Remember, the success of your overall business model into today's modern markets requires these highly effective online syndication marketing strategies. While some people may focus on the the overall "look" of a website, including flashy designs and graphics, the cosmetics of a website should not head up your list, especially if you're serious about your business success.

Don't Blame Yourself...

Let's say you want a website or blog. You may have been led to believe that it is best to call a local blog or website developer. This is not always the best choice. There is a lot involved in designing a blog, including having more than the knowledge of programming languages such as CSS, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Flash, and XHTML. While these programming languages are certainly needed to build a highly converting blog or website, it is simply not enough.

Conversions Resulting From Targeted Traffic!!!

Far too often, we have noticed a seemingly endless amount of high priced websites ending up as overpriced storage bins holding no merchandise. During the design process, it is crucial that your custom website or WordPress blog have highly advanced Search Engine Marketing (SEM) techniques applied to it. Otherwise, you're wasting both your time and your money. You need to advance past site design with a go-to-market launch plan. Often times, you will find people who are familiar with the term "Search Engine Marketing." However, most people would be hard pressed to explain or understand what it involves. SEM is simply a way to increase traffic to websites and blogs, through a series of strategies, by maximizing their visibility in the search engine result pages or SERP. Our team specializes in using proven high conversion techniques which includes paid placement, Search Engine Optimization (SE0), paid inclusion, contextural advertising, and the ultimate methods of Social Media Marketing.

The Bottom Line...

The importance of teaming with a company that can deliver the two crucial components of their go-to-market plan cannot be overstated. People who are tech savvy understand this.

  1. Your marketing strategy is deeply affected by your company and personal posture. In fact, it is critically important. This is achieved by having customized WordPress websites and WordPress blogs, with phenomenal design attributes, that fit your online posture.

  2. Thorough understanding of best practices for state-of-the art online marketing.

To Sum It All Up....

Our team at Best Designed Blogs is a highly specialized team of online marketing and design professionals. We are your go-to team for turnkey WordPress websites and WordPress blogs. We can help you dramatically increase your revenue by using our proven digital marketing and design methods.

By now, you may have wondered... "Why WordPress"?